Adelia Muliawan


Marketing Campaign Combination of Batak Woven Cloth and Athleisure for Generation Z

Agatha Kusuma


Millenial Role in the success of a social movement

Arsa Widitiarsa


Impact of Relationship between Watchers and Study of Film Production Using Social Media as A Time Promotion Tool

Brian Alvin Hananto

Universitas Pelita 

A Quick Look at Vertical Music Videos’ Past and Future

Cindy Anisa


Effectivity of Advertising through Conventional Media for Millenials

Elba Andera


The Effectiveness of Web Series in Submitting Social Campaign Messages: Case Study of the Antipornography Social Campaign Web series “Manfaat Nonton Bokep”

Ghina Ramadhani


Viral Marketing effectiveness on Millennial

Gunanda Tiara Maharany, Martinus Pasaribu & Andar Bagus Sriwarno


The Study of Gaze Movement Patterns in Identifying Toilet Sign Pictorial Forms Using Eye Tracking

Immanuel Santosa & Fadillah


Effectivity of Pop-up Stores in Indonesia

Lala Palupi 

Universitas Pelita 

International Value Chain and Marketing System of Indonesian Independent Cinema

Laras Bening Jiwani & Agung Eko Budiwaspada

FSRD – Intitut 
Teknologi Bandung

Influencer Marketing as an Effective Strategy in Millenial Era

Lingga Agung & 
Novian Denny 

Telkom University

Digital Culture and Instagram : ‘Aesthetics For All?

Max Schleser

Swinburne University

Smart Storytelling 4 Communities

Mega Iranti Kusumawardhani & Muhammad Cahya Mulya Daulay

Universitas Multimedia 


Indonesian Traditional Story Content in Animated Short Film: Case Study Students’ Animated Short Film Final Project

Naldo Yanuar


Interactive Movie Storytelling With Nine Act Structure

Putri RAE Harbie


Curation and Presentation to Enrich Value on Intermedia Art In a Contemporary Art Exhibition (Case Study on ARTJOG)

Ruth Pakpahan & 


Why Millennials Hates Ads?

Sazkia Noor Anggraini

ISI Yogyakarta

Brings Reality Through Virtual Reality: Impact Study of Festival Film Dokumenter’s VR Showcase on the Issue of Disability

Shandhi Sayogo, Hafiz 
A Ahmad & Dianing 

FSRD – Intitut 
Teknologi Bandung

Translating Crew Management Process Into a Simulation Video Game

Shifa Madania


Mixed Reality: The Future Media of Advertising