Mobil Screen Cultures and Digital Society

Papers, panels, and round tables are now invited for the Mobile Screen Cultures & Digital Society area of International Moving Image Cultures Conference (IMOVICCON) in Tangerang, Indonesia, 2-3 July 2019.

With the presence of mobile screens that have come to dominate the modern life as well as the global society that has turned digital, mobile screens have become an integral part of storytelling. To cite an example, in big cities like Jakarta, televisions and printed newspapers have been subordinated to the periphery of human’s storytelling, replaced by the screens of phones, laptops and tablets.

It is more important than ever to examine what the mobile screens are telling us about storytelling. Such analyses serve to illuminate where mobile screens feature in the current proliferation of storytelling. Studying mobile screens in the context of storytelling is essential to understanding how mobile screens are utilized, explored, critiqued and sometimes exploited to tell stories. The mobile screen storytelling has also created an industry of its own through online digital platforms, giving rise to new generation of audiences, new practices and new technologies.

Submissions should be 100-250 words in length and can address any aspect of the complex interrelation between mobile screens and storytelling (but not limited to):

– Mobile screens and the digital society
– Mobile screens, visual composition, mise en scene
– Mobile content and mobile context
– Mobile screens and the rise of new audiences, practices and technologies
– The mobile screen aesthetics
– Mobile screens and interactive stories
– Mobile screen storytelling and social empowerment/activism
– Mobile screens and the technology of storytelling
– The mobile screen storytelling and the rise of “freelancers” generation
– Youtube contents, video blog (vlog), internet celebrities and storytelling
– Internet hoax as stories
– Collaborative and interactive audiovisual content (memes, giphy, emoji, sticker, etc)
– Mobile stories, mobile audiences
– History, historiography, and/or philosophy of storytelling in mobile platforms
– Studies on “big players” such as Netflix, Hulu, iFlix, Viu, HooQ, Catchplay, etc.
– Mobile screens and the internet of things etc
– Digital society and spectacle.2


Conference Fees

Paper Presenter 

IDR 600,000/USD 41

Participant Fee 

IDR 400,000/USD 27

Participant Fee For Student 

IDR 200,000/USD 14